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North Sea Port does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information and is not liable for damages caused by using the presented results.

Accuracy and completeness of the information

Through this website North Sea Port provides information on a large number of container terminals and a variety of services provided by more than 50 transport operators. All services shown, have a frequency of at least once a week. North Sea Port pays the utmost attention to this information in order to provide you with accurate and complete information. New terminals, new services and new transport operators are added to the Planner continuously. Errors may occur.

  • The sources do not always mention the period for which the services are valid, therefor the data in the Planner can be outdated.
  • The sources do not always mention the name of the terminal, but suffice to show the place of departure or arrival. This can result in unnecessary inter-terminal transport.
  • Because not all direct links within Europe have been included in the Planner, it is possible that connections with a detour will be shown.

In addition, account should be taken of the expiry of services as a result of:

  • Holidays;
  • A shortage of rail wagons;
  • Too large demand for container transport, exceeding the maximum capacity of the train;
  • Too low water levels, limiting the vessel capacity;
  • Customized itineraries;
  • Unforeseen circumstances.

For these reasons, the user must always contact the terminal or transport operator to ascertain whether the transport options shown are actually executed.


North Sea Port is not liable for damages resulting from visiting this site or for any loss or damage caused by a change, incorrectness or incompleteness of the information provided by us, or technical faults. North Sea Port gives no warranty as to the content of third party sites through hyperlinks or other references available through this website and accepts no liability with regard to the contents of those third party websites.